About Katie

Katie is a born and raised preppy/classically styled California lady who finds herself saying like, totally and awesome more then she should. It’s all about the relationship and connection for this girl- our client happiness and excitement is her bread and butter. The planning half of KRE she is often seen racing around drinking coffee while speak typing into her iPad all the logistical details that create our events.

Party planning was an inherited gene from her southern raised great grandparents who were true old fashioned socialites. With her attention to detail, perfectionist ways and logistical wizardry that makes each event run like a well oiled machine, Katie is the life line to our clients. Her favorite way to end the day is time with her 3 year old son Beckett, getting the perfect gel manicure or blowout, having a date with her husband and spooning with her two pups Camden and Brody.