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We love, love.

We love our couples. We love our vendors and we love everything that is good and great about this incredible industry. Finding those that feel the same is our bread and butter. At this point it should come as no surprise that our assistants and interns are the peanut butter to our jelly. It’s pretty easy to find awesome, amazing, loving and incredible team members when we are here at home but when we hit the road it gets a little more complicated.

Until the Share The Love program was created.

What is it:

Before every destination wedding or event we will post on social media ( here and here) and our blog  that we are on the search for some help. What makes this different then other programs or professionals who do the same- you don’t experience, you just need heart and drive.

We look for one or two rare gems out there that want to pour all their energy, love, attention and pride into working for this day. Maybe you dream of being a wedding planner, maybe you started your business and just need some experience and an event on your resume or maybe your an experienced planner and you just really love helping out and meeting new like minded people. Whatever it is that drives you to us, we are always so excited to meet you and see what you’ve got to offer!

No matter how big  you are or how far you’ve come in your profession, we’ve ALL had that first day. That first client or that first job that was our big break. We all deserve to have someone who gives us that chance to show the world what we’ve got and what we can do. We are totally those people, we want to give you THAT shot. So go ahead…. show us what you got!

The program and what you get:

  1. EXPERIANCE, EXPERIANCE, EXPERIANCE!  Typically we request that your there for the rehearsal the day before so you can get a good feeling for the day, the flow and meet the couple and wedding party. The wedding day is usually a good 19-21 hours for us and while we won’t ask you to work that long we won’t stop you if you hang in there with us. We typically have our STL members on site for about 8 hours so you get to come along for the whole journey.
  2. Compensation:  Of course we feed you and make sure you stay hydrated but we also give you a token of our appreciation for working so hard that day. You earned it!
  3. Referrals and Photos:  This is most likely the best part of the deal if your just starting out or building your business. We not only will be your personal referral for future clients or other planning business positions you might apply too but you will also receive 10 photos** of your choice for your website, marketing or social media | **(pending client approval of photos and proper crediting of all vendors and their work)
  4. Friends and supporters:  Chances are you will be working with someone who is going through the same thing you are that lives in your area. You also become our friends for life and we are your biggest fans. We will be your loudest cheerleaders, will always be there to answer any questions or concerns you have and most importantly help you will any business questions you get stuck on. We have all been there and now you’re just part of a really cool helpful club.

If you are in San Francisco or any of the surrounding Northern California area we would LOVE to meet you for our in studio positions. We are always looking for committed, sweet, kind, creative and hard working team members for our events.

– interns (unpaid except on event days) | College Students needing credit or anyone looking to gain experience and a portfolio

– artists and crafters | we can always use graphic designs, fine artists for installation creation, calligraphers, sewing and fabric masters, etc

– builders wood workers | can you build an arbor? Can you make a welcome sign out of reclaimed barn wood? Lets chat!

– website and social media | do you love working on websites? Are you a social media aficionado- IG us or find us on FB and let’s have some fun.

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