Cotton and Oak Interview with Michelle Amarillo Events

Michelle Amarillo Event Planning

If you don’t know the story of Michelle and I then take a hot second and read this. Side cramps, laughter snorts it’s got it all which is incredible wouldn’t you say! Our last Virginia wedding I cried BIG tears because this girl was tearin’ it up at one of her own weddings (they grow up so fast) so we missed out on seeing each other. I thought about her every single second though and that is a relationship that is real and lasting no matter how busy life gets and how little you talk. Don’t worry girl, I’m stalking ya like crazy!

A few months ago we were interviewed by our lovely friend Michelle Amarillo of MAEP and I loved all the questions she asked. I believe in this industry so much and I value every single friendship I make. It’s way more fun to create relationships with people and build yourself and your business with friendships because when you need help or on those slow months after the season has ended trust me, you want someone to cheers with and keep you moving forward!

Michelle Amarillo Event Planning Cotton and Oak

You can see this whole interview here